While your loved one is in the hospital, we understand your may not have ‘fully prepared” for an extended stay. We believe in making you feel at home.

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It happens all too often, the words from the doctor’s mouth are not what families were hoping to hear. Prognoses are grim, or “touch and go” for an extended period of time. Tough news about a loved one’s medical condition causes devastation, frustration, and helplessness to those closest to the patient.

We were created for community, to lean on each other during times of hardship. In the difficult times surrounding tough medical situations, the Medical Center League House of Amarillo steps up and allows families the chance to battle through hardship together. Many times it is difficult and expensive for families to be close to their ailing loved one; this is particularly so for residents of the scattered towns surrounding Amarillo. The League House provides a safe, comfortable, and affordable temporary living arrangement for these families close to their sick loved one.

  • Call the League House at 806-358-3759 to hold a room.
  • League House has 29 guest rooms with two queen beds and a private bathroom.
  • League House has many rooms with recliners and walk in showers.
  • League House has 2 ADA, handicap accessible guest rooms.
  • Rooms are hotel-like, supplied with linens and ready for you and your family.
  • Toiletries provided.
  • Hair dryers available.
  • Staffed 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Guests & staff security are of the utmost importance. Doors are locked at all times. Guests must use their keycards to enter the building.
  • WIFI available throughout the building.
  • League House has a warm, welcoming great room for gathering, watching television, visiting with friends, playing games and puzzles.
  • Kitchen includes a microwave, toaster, refrigerator and freezer. Guests may store personal food and beverage items in the kitchen.
  • Dining room.
  • Laundry room has two washers/dryers and are available at no cost to our guests.
  • The Jatawn Wells Prayer Garden offers solitude and a peaceful getaway.
  • Pastoral care is available upon request.
  • The guests enjoy “quiet time” from 9pm-7am.
  • Within one mile of the League House you will find a variety of restaurants. Eat out or bring your meal back to the League House dining room.
  • Meals are not served in the League House, but if needed, local volunteers can help provide a meal.